Capital Campaign: Our Guides

BALL-DAVID-CCWelcome to the Church of Our Savior, Growing in Grace, Building in Faith, Capital Campaign Web Site.

We appreciate your interest in our building program and the fund raising effort that is now under way. We hope that you have found the information you may require in order to decide how best to support us. Above all, we ask for you to join us in prayer for the success of our mission.

Our building program seeks to advance the kingdom of God by establishing a focal point for worship and a base for the many programs and services we offer to our community and our missionaries. We honor those who have come before us by providing a legacy that will foster Christian discipleship for generations to come.

By the providence of our location, our beautiful chapel will shine forth for the glory of God as the first image of Jacksonville Beach when crossing the Intracoastal Waterway. It is our prayer that Jacksonville Beach will become as well known for Jesus as it is for our Sunshine and Beaches.

I thank you again for your interest in our church. Please contact me or any our staff if you need more information or assistance.

David W. Ball

Encouraging words from our Bishop,
the Rt Rev Neil G Lebhar

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Church of Our SavioWithout team work and the eager participation of the whole congregation none of this would have come together. Some volunteered to do the heavy lifting by spending many hours making this happen. These are the members of the Capital Campaign Executive Team: Troy Andrade, David Ball, Tiffie Mackoul,  M.A. Mann, John Mullins, Rob Richardson, and Charles Stambaugh.