Church of Our Savior: Detailed Plans in Place


This schematic shows the initial layout of the northern parcels on which we intend to build our new Chapel and ultimately the administration and fellowship building.

Artist's detail of the front of the chapel

This drawing illustrates the detail of the front of the proposed chapel.

Sectional view of chapel front

This drawing — called a sectional view — presents the skeleton of the chapel with the inner supporting features.

Detail of the side of the chapel

The side of the chapel showing the steeple which will herald the presence of a community of believers where all are welcome.

Ground Floor

Here the sanctuary and altar are illustrated along with the ancillary rooms.

The Mezzane

This illustration shows where the choir loft will be on the mezzane.

Father, build your church through us so lost people come and are saved and believers are drawn closer to Jesus. In His Name we pray.