Capital Campaign: Why we must build

The Historic Chapel: Why Leave?

  • Rent costs $22,000
  • Use is limited to 4 hours per week..
  • Our lease is good for three months only and the Historical Society has the option of cancelling every three months.
  • The Chapel is subject to sudden change of use by the Historical Society.
  • The size of the Chapel does not allow for growth.
  • It is not configured for Anglican worship
  • Manpower is wasted in setting up for worship and then taking down.
  • We have no signs to introduce ourselves to the community.
  • The Chapel has hosted unwholesome programs that make us uncomfortable.
  • The closest restrooms are across the street.

Why Malone Hall is Not Adequate

  • Our two year lease with the Historical Society costs us $17,000 plus maintenance
  • Space is limited.
  • The lot belongs to St Paul’s which has building plans on the books and will need the lot in the future.